What Is Power Washing in Manassas?


What is power washing in Manassas? The short answer is that power or pressure washing uses a stream of water under high power for concrete cleaning, vinyl siding cleaning, and other exterior surfaces. There is, however, more to it than that, as Diamond Power Washers explains in this post.

When We Might Use a Pressure Washer

Concrete is durable and can handle a fair amount of abuse. Using a medium-pressure setting will effectively remove the dirt without causing damage to the concrete. Another area where we might apply pressure is your deck to prepare it for resealing. The right pressure setting removes loose paint and dirt without destroying the finish.

When We Might Use Soft Washing

In some instances, like with roof cleaning, using high pressure leads to costly repairs. We then adjust our technique for power washing in Manassas to incorporate soft washing.

Soft washing relies on a cleansing agent to gently lift the dirt before we rinse it away. We may also use a soft bristle brush to remove stubborn dirt. This technique is safest for more delicate surfaces like roofing and siding that high pressure might damage.

Soft washing has the further benefit of killing off organic growth like algae, moss, and mildew.

Power Washing vs. Jet Washing

While many use the terms interchangeably, these techniques use water at different temperatures. A jet wash uses hot water under high pressure, making it more able to remove stubborn dirt, grease, mildew, and salt. The hot water is not ideal for surfaces like wood, PVC, aluminum, and vinyl.

You may rely on us as professionals to always choose the correct technique to suit the project at hand.

How Does Power Washing Work?

Power washing is ideal for dissolving dirt due to the positive and negative charges of the ions in water. Add detergent, and you have a powerful grime-removing solution. Add the right amount of pressure, and you have an unparalleled cleaning machine.

A power washer is a simple hose that has a water pump. The pump pressurizes the water, sending it out in a strong, even stream. The high-energy spray scatters dirt and grime, leaving the surface pristine.

There are several attachments and pressure settings to better customize the cleaning experience for the project. You might, for example, opt for a wide spray or narrow jet of water.

It is, however, worth noting that these are very powerful devices, and wielding them properly requires experience. While it seems like a simple point-and-shoot situation, the reality is more complex. Without proper care, the spray can damage the surface or even rebound and hurt you.

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