Costly Mistakes from DIY Power Washing in Bristow, VA

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Power washing in Bristow, VA, offers you the opportunity to deep clean your home or business exterior. Getting optimal results may, however, be more challenging than you realize. In this post, the professionals at Diamond Power Washers go through common mistakes DIY pressure washing mistakes that can lead to costly repairs.

Using Too Much Pressure

Many property owners underestimate how powerful a pressure washer is. If you use too much pressure, you can:

  • Crack vinyl siding 
  • Chip the surface during concrete cleaning
  • Scour wood
  • Warp metal
  • Shatter glass

Professionals work with these tools every day, so they know how to achieve optimal results with power washing in Bristow, VA. They understand how much pressure various surfaces can handle and also how to properly position the machine to avoid damage.

Furthermore, they also use various other techniques that might obtain better results overall. For example, they often use soft washing techniques, which leads us to the next costly mistake.

Not Using a Cleaning Product

A pressure washer does an excellent job, but if you want to ramp up its effectiveness, you must add a cleaning solution. Water alone will not kill mold or algae but rather redistribute the spores. You could, therefore, end up with a more extensive problem than before.

In addition, it’s common for property owners to feel disappointed by the results. In such cases, they are bound to increase the pressure, resulting in further damage. They simply do not realize that water alone will only ever achieve mediocre results.

Not Following the Right Cleaning Order

Most property owners make this mistake at least once. After all, it makes sense to deal with different materials on the property at the same time. For example, you might clean all the windows first. Unfortunately, when you clean the siding, the runoff undoes all your hard work.

Not only does this mean cleaning certain sections again, but it also increases the risk of damage. This is why professionals always adopt a top-down approach to cleaning.

Using the Wrong Equipment

To properly clean the exterior of a building, you need a high-performance power washer. Many models are available on the market, but property owners might waste time trying to find the best one for their needs.

Some property owners might spend hundreds of dollars upgrading perfectly good equipment because they don’t know how to achieve professional-looking results.

Not Taking the Right Safety Precautions

A pressure washer can lacerate the skin, break bones, and cause significant internal damage. Professionals take careful steps to protect themselves with protective eyewear, gloves, and boots. They also understand how the wind affects the spray’s direction. Not understanding these finer points can lead to expensive ER visits.

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