Seven Things Never to Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

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Anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to restore a property’s sparkle should consider the benefits of power washing in Manassas, VA. However, there are several important factors to consider when using high-pressure sprays to blast away dirt, grime, mildew, and other contaminants on various surfaces. Using a pressure washing company like Diamond Power Washers is an excellent solution.

Here are seven mistakes to avoid as the power washing gets underway:

Mistake 1: Misjudging the Spray Angle

Pressure washing cleans most effectively at an angle, which lifts the dirt off the surface and washes it away. Spraying directly onto a surface only drives the dirt deeper and risks damage without the right amount of pressure.

Some dirt and stains are hard to remove, and professionals like Diamond Power Washers have many techniques for handling them. Their equipment gets right into the cracks and crevices without taking off paintwork or causing other damage, a skill that comes with many years of training and experience.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is crucial while using a pressure washer. Even in the water, high pressure can cause untold injury to the body that can be devastating.

  • Wear close-toed shoes that provide traction
  • Use safety glasses to protect the eyes from high-pressure splashbacks

Experts like Diamond Power Washers also ensure they have cleaned the exterior thoroughly before pressure washing to avoid debris flicking up into the body or face and causing injuries.

Mistake 3: Using the Wrong Nozzle

The right nozzle is essential for flawless results. This choice of fitting will determine how powerful and effective the machine is on different surfaces. For example, Diamond Power Washers may use a narrow-jet tip nozzle to clean brick pavers on a patio to keep the spray contained to a small area of contact.

Mistake 4: Overloading the Pressure

The right amount of pressure ensures that the powerful machine does what the cleaner wants it to do. Too much pressure damages the surface, like a porous concrete driveway that soaks in water and then erodes. The pressure that is too high also leads to cracks in concrete and breaks down many other surfaces with ease.

Mistake 5: Underestimating the Water’s Power

The speed and power of pressure washers are what make them effective, but it also makes them dangerous. Does the homeowner or business owner cleaning know how to power down the pressure washer in an emergency? With Diamond Power Washers, this is a standard safety measure.

Mistake 6: Spraying Upward Against a Siding

Power washing surfaces like siding requires extra precautions. For example, a high-powered spray easily damages the finish on a siding. You might notice paint chipping or warps in the wood that rot over time. Rather, leave these delicate areas to seasoned professionals like Diamond Power Washers.

Mistake 7: Relying on a Pressure Washer Everywhere

Do not use a pressure washer on every surface—the machines are too powerful for many surfaces. For example, high-powered water can cause irreparable damage to a deck that ends in expensive repairs or replacement costs.

Call the Pressure Washing Professionals Today

It is better to avoid the seven mistakes above and stick with pressure washing professionals like Diamond Power Washers.

Call Diamond Power Washers at 703-881-6496 today for every type of power washing in Manassas, VA, including deck and fence cleaning.

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