Questions to Ask Power Washing Companies in Manassas, VA

Power washing the exterior of your home may seem like it only affects the aesthetic of your house. However, your home’s siding, roof, and window frames may harbor health hazards like mold, mildew, or other dangerous grime. Learn what questions to ask local companies when considering power washing in Manassas, VA.

1. Can the company provide proof of licenses and insurance?

Some power washing companies lack legitimate licensing and insurance that protect the client, the company, and the company’s employees. If a power washing technician falls from a ladder, you want to make sure that you’re safe from potential lawsuits. Ask to see proof of insurance and business licenses to ensure you’re working with a legal, legitimate company that protects its clients and employees.

2. How does the company guarantee its power washing services?

Companies providing power washing services want satisfied clients as a measure for how well they perform their job. If you feel that your home doesn’t fulfill your cleaning expectations, what will the company do to correct the problem? Make sure that you work with a company that provides satisfactory work.

3. Will the company explain its power washing procedures?

Ask your power washing company about their process and how they address fragile areas like glass windows, awnings, and outdoor lights. While siding, brick, and masonry can withstand the rough spray of a highly pressurized power washer, your weaker exterior components need a gentler type of cleaning. The company you choose should tell you that they’ll clean fragile elements with soft washing, a milder type of pressure washer that cleans without causing damage.

4. What milestones has the company accomplished?

Companies providing power washing in Manassas, VA should have years of experience filled with completed jobs and satisfied customers. Ask these questions to learn more about your chosen company’s accomplishments:

  • How many jobs have you completed?
  • Do you have repeat customers?
  • Have you received awards for your work?
  • How long have you served the Manassas, VA, community?

You can also perform your own research to see if any local newspapers have written about them or if the company has received certifications or awards from business or industry associations.

5. Can the company prove the satisfaction of previous clients?

Request before and after photos of previous work to check out the difference a power washing company can make between an unwashed and washed home. Many companies keep these photos to share with clients to help them understand the difference their work makes in a clean and healthy home. You can also scope out the internet to learn more about the company by looking at websites like:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Google Reviews
  • Yelp

Enjoy the Cleanest Home on the Neighborhood with Diamond Power Washers

After a thorough house washing, you’ll enjoy a home with better curb appeal and a healthier exterior. Choose the best quality of service when you work with Diamond Power Washers to achieve a clean exterior for your Manassas, VA, home. Call (703) 382-7522 for your free quote on power washing in Manassas, VA.

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