Gum Removal
in Fairfax VA

Gum Removal in Fairfax VA

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Are you battling with gum removal in Fairfax, VA? Don’t feel alone; the sticky stuff hardens to the consistency of concrete and can be challenging to unstick. Even if you can remove chewing gum, it’s tough to remove the stain it leaves behind. 

Diamond Power Washers offers you an affordable solution with effective gum removal services. Our expert team uses a pressure cleaner to make it easier to remove gum stuck to surfaces. We then apply a cleaning solution to lift gum stains and restore the underlying surface. 

By removing the ugly marks, you make people think twice about spoiling the pristine surface with more gum. What’s more, you also remove dirt and grime that dulls the paving. 

Speak to our team about the right strategy for gum removal in Fairfax, VA.

Gum Removal
Gum Removal

Damage Free Gum Removal

Gum Removal

We’ve all been there. Cleaning off gum is challenging at best, so you may have to scrape the concrete to remove it. Doing so is effective, but it leaves an ugly blemish on the surface. Our experienced team will remove the gum and the marks without causing further damage. 

We use precise pressure to remove the gum itself and then apply a biodegradable cleaning agent to lift out any residue. The agent brings the marks to the surface, where we can carefully rinse them away.

While you can buy a pressure washer yourself, you risk chipping the concrete if you hit it at the wrong angle or use the wrong pressure. Considering how affordable our services are, it’s not worth the risk.

Where We Remove Chewing Gum

We work with many different commercial property owners to deal with all manner of dirt and debris. Chewing gum is a common problem across many industries, so we’re here for everyone. We can help with:

Reach Out for Fantastic Service

If you have a gum problem, we can solve it for you, so don’t let unsightly blobs or stains ruin your business image. Give us a call so we can send a technician to assess the situation.

We prefer to perform an on-site visit because no two properties are alike. We wish there was a generic gum-be-gone product that could work in every instance, but that’s not the case. What you need is a custom approach based on the extent of the damage, the surface we’re dealing with, and several other factors.

We’ll discuss these in greater detail when we meet you and also explain how we tackle the cleaning process. Our technician looks at the best times to schedule service to minimally impact your business. 

From there, things go quickly. We give you a free estimate and, when you accept it, we schedule the cleaning. We arrive on time and ready to work. When we complete the job, we ask you to inspect our work and confirm you’re satisfied.

Are you looking for gum removal in Fairfax, VA? Call Diamond Power Washers at (703) 853-4738 for outstanding service and a thorough cleaning.

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