Graffiti Removal
in Fairfax VA

Graffiti Removal
in Fairfax VA

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People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, as a commercial property owner, it’s challenging to see the art in tagging, which is why it’s so important to invest in graffiti removal in Fairfax, VA. While the “artist” might feel proud of their work, it’s vandalism and may convey a negative impression of your business. People may feel that the area is seedy, and so may not feel safe there. The feeling increases exponentially if the tag relates to gangs.

Fortunately, Diamond Power Washers has the solution. We offer comprehensive graffiti removal services throughout Fairfax and surrounding areas of Northern Virginia. 

Graffiti Removal

Are Graffiti Removal Services Effective?

If you seek professional help as soon as possible, these services can be effective. However, there are several factors at play:


Extremes in temperature may impact how easy it is to remove the mark without damaging the surface. Hot weather may make the stain set faster, while cold weather may make the surface more fragile.


Did they use ink, paint, or did they etch the surface? The type of product they used initially makes a significant difference in its removal and the way we remove it. 


Taggers may mark glass, aluminum, concrete, wood, or any other surface. The type of material they tag affects its permanency. Concrete and wood, for example, are more porous than glass, meaning that they absorb more of the medium. 


The longer the mark is in place, the harder it becomes to remove. Call us as soon as you notice the graffiti to achieve the best results. 

How Do Experts Remove Graffiti?

Graffiti Removal

We evaluate the situation carefully before we proceed with graffiti removal in Fairfax, VA. We typically use a blend of high-grade solvents, hot water, and precise pressure. While this seems easy on paper, it takes a great deal of skill and experience to get the mix right. Using too much pressure can damage the surface, while too little could drive the stain deeper into the surface.

Leave the details up to us; we’ll achieve the best results.

Graffiti Removal

Glass Graffiti

Paint is no longer the primary method taggers use, as you can wash paint away. Some now acid etch windows to give their “art” more staying power. Before replacing the pane, speak to our team about your options. 

While paints are simpler to remove, there are some methods we can try to address acid etching. We’ll send out a technician to take a look and give you their honest opinion. When we can’t assist, we’ll tell you straight away so you can replace the glass. 

Call Us for Graffiti Removal in Fairfax, VA, Today!

Start graffiti removal in Fairfax, VA, today with a call to Diamond Power Washers. Don’t try to remove the paint or clean any of it off; rather, let us deal with it effectively. The danger is that you could inadvertently smear the paint or drive it deeper into the surface.

Contact us at (703) 853-4738 to take advantage of our many years of experience in this area.

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