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Power Washing Services in Gainesville, VA

Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective home makeover before guests arrive or you want to increase your house’s value, power washing in Gainesville, VA is a quick and effective way to restore your home to its original state.

Power washing has been a favorite of many property managers, commercial real estate investors, and residential homeowners since its inception in 1926 because of its ability to give any structure a crisp and brand-new look. At Diamond Power Washers, we offer house washing, driveway and roof cleaning, and deck and patio restoration services. Power washing can also be used for painting preparation and maintenance services.

Take a look at our selection of services and pick one that’s right for you today.

Power Washing Gainesville VA
House Pressure Washing Gainesville VA

Do you Need a Professional House Washing?

At Diamond Power Washers, we know that even though your home is your castle, some parts of it may be subjected to constant neglect and disregard. Any type of exterior will become dingy over time, and incremental weather can speed up the process.

Our technicians will ensure 100% of your house’s exterior surfaces are free from any blemishes and stains. We know how to use cold and hot water in combination with hard and soft cleaners to leave your large windows, siding, and woodwork spotless.

Does Your Driveway
Need to be Power Washed?

Have you been thinking of remodeling your driveway? Before you do, try power washing your driveway first.

Our trained personnel will remove greasy blotches, tire marks, and paint scuffs and leave your driveway looking brand new.

Driveway Cleaning Gainsville, VA
Deck and Patio Cleaning Manassas VA

Has Your Deck and Patio Been Under the Weather?

Decks and patios are some of the most labor-intensive areas of a house to clean. Most of them have delicate wood finishes, and plastic panels come under intense shifts in climate and weather patterns, leaving them vulnerable to mold and mildew buildup.

Our technicians specialize in dealing with all wood, metal, and plastic finishes. Your outdoor benches, picnic tables, and gazebos will look immaculate after just one session.

Does Your Roof
Need to Be Cleaned?

Did you know that those black streaks on you roof don’t actually mean you need a new roof. It just means the roof needs a good professional cleaning. This is where Diamond Power Washers should be your next call. 

Our trained personnel will remove those black streaks and any other organic matter on the roofs surface. This soft wash process will leave the roof looking clean and will insure the full life of your roof. 

Roof Cleaning Gainesville VA

Quick Facts About
Gainesville, VA

Gainesville gets a lot of sunny days per year, about 197 to be exact, and only gets around 43 inches of rain. This asymmetrical wet and dry weather, scientifically known as a humid subtropical climate, creates a friendly environment for mildew and mold, which primarily thrive on porches, decks, and roofs.

Once a quiet historic town, Gainesville has been under rapid residential and commercial development since the early 2000s. Power washing services get many calls from commercial clients who want hundreds of thousands of miles of commercial surfaces cleaned annually. Some establishments that utilize power washing services include Wells Fargo, Wegmans, Staples, and Gainesville’s Target Supercenter.

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Call Diamond Power Washers for a High-Quality Clean

At Diamond Power Washers, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right and on-time. Check out our customer reviews and see why various businesses and hundreds of Gainesville, VA residents choose us over the competition. Call us at (703) 881-6496 to receive a free quote today for power washing in Gainesville VA. 

Call us at 703-881-6496 or to recieve a free quote today!

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Polite Professional Technicians

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We Treat Your Investment
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We Treat Your Investment Like Its Our Own

We Treat Your Investment
Like Its Our Own

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Scheduling With Us Can Be Done In 3 Easy Steps!


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Tired of waiting on power washing companies to follow back up with you on requested services or estimates? We assure that we will provide you with your customized estimate within 24 hours of your request whether it is on our website or another channel. Call us now for immediate assistance and pricing!


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Once you receive a quote from us, you’ll get various pricing options based on the service you requested. We understand you need a customized solution that is based off of budget and the level of service your job requires. Our job is to provide you a package that best suits your needs! When you combine two or more services, you’ll save a bundle!


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We understand that you have a busy life! That is why we want to make scheduling your power washing service as convenient as possible. Other companies may schedule you based upon their availability while we work tirelessly to accommodate your schedule!

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